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The fast paced techno thriller by debut novelist A. G. Ferguson

An everyday car crash leads Detective Casey Randall to discover the Omega Alpha Institute (OAI) and its powerful CEO, who is secretly genetically modifying living humans – for inconceivable profit. The Anti Genetics Engineering Society (AGES) – a front for a church-sponsored crusade – anoints Casey as its prophet and leader. But it may be too late as the CEO sells his greatest discovery to the highest bidders – a genetic cure for aging. Unlikely partners align, and they pay in blood for information aimed to destroy OAI. But will there be enough time to stop the CEO from redefining the very definition of “human?” After all, who doesn’t want to live forever?

Forever for a Moment Novel
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What do readers say?

     “Forever for a Moment is an engrossing action thriller that takes off like a rocket and never slows. Combine that with a fascinating education about the threats of transhumanism and you have a winner. Economics, power, greed, and selfishness could very well combine in such a way that the world – and the definition of human – may be changed forever. This novel is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future and how genetics may forever alter humanity.” – Chris Elsenbach

“Ferguson tells a frightful story that clearly captures the threat of genetic engineering of humans. No matter what preconceived notions you might have, Forever for a Moment will create a foundation for you to consider the many ramifications of transhumanism. You owe it to yourself and future generations to become familiar with this very real existential threat to humanity – and to act upon it if you dare.” – Brad Parker

“Ferguson’s novel hits the ground running.  The story line is ominous, sensational, and believable with relatable and human characters. Take a few hours of your life to see into the not-too-distant future in a highly entertaining way.”
– Kory MacGregor

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